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Practice & Experience

I’m Beverly and I’m an entrepreneur and experienced accounting professional. I help business owners with their Tax Preparation, Coaching, Accounting and Tax Accounting and ensure they have sound financial processes and systems in place to provide them with immediate and current information.

Our main office is located at 4641 West Acorn Rd. in Tishomingo, OK. We also provide Remote -Virtual appointments if onsite visits are not an option. 

I speak with small business owners most days, and have for the last 10 years, and it’s always the same things we discuss. Managing their business books and financials in order to help them be better prepared for their tax preparation, and having solid systems in place that allows them more freedom of time, and money with their families.

Many small business owners are overwhelmed with very similar frustrations:

  • The “paperwork” and “tracking expenses” that is required in handling their business.

  • Having stacks on stacks of unorganized receipts that they pile in a shoe box or envelope during the year, then when it is tax prep time or a pandemic hits the economy they need to get their books updated and have 12 months of work that needs to be done within 2 weeks.

  • Being trapped in time to get their payroll or forms out to their contractors on time to the Federal and State agencies.

  • Not knowing if they are making a loss or a profit every month or end of the year feeling like they have no control over time, cause they have family obligations as well as working and putting groceries on the table.

  • This adds stress to the owner leaving them mentally and emotionally drained, which can be worse than physical strain and lead to illness. It all is Cause and Effect towards how they feel when they get home to their families and are unable to unwind at home and relax, because they are worried if they are going to have to duplicate what they did that day all over again the next day, only almost dreading to work their own business that they have dreamed about being successful in.


How do I know this?

Well I have been there, I have been in their shoes and have felt what it is like to be overwhelmed, underpaid, and worry if my business is going to make a profit.

I was able to escape the roller coaster of the unknowing to the knowing by seeking out a professional and someone to show me what tools I had available affordably and not spending money on all these big extravagant ways to build a business.

Implementing time management , using tools and techniques that I can share with my bookkeeping and tax clients so that they can feel more at ease, and be able to free up their time with my time taking care of that nitty-gritty office paperwork monster that they dread every day.

By building my business owners trust with integrity and honesty they have been able to give me the “wheel of direction: of their financial and business progress”

Sometimes we need to deny the need to feel like we can take on the whole world by ourselves. We need to ask for help from one unbiased, one who believes in our work standards and ethics, and that will enable us to climb up that mountain and delay that magnet force around our waist that is holding us back to achieving our peak goals.


Focusing my business owners on what matters most to their heart and their families allows them to grow financially and personally reflecting in their customers satisfaction.

Now, I am on a mission to help current business owners by giving them a focused vision over the health of their business by ensuring they have sound financial processes and systems in place which provide immediate and current information. I am determined to give them integral work and enabling them of having a peace of mind.

How do I do this you might ask?

I have a step by step process that helps diagnosing where their current situation is in their business, what is the cause of that situation, and how to resolve the cause, and implementing tools and putting processes in place in order for them to reach their business goals.

✔ To Learn More and see if my services can fit your needs - Go to the link below to schedule a consultation!



Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

Using the I-Cloud to stream in work and keep everything updated with todays technology

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